Data Transfer

ZOLL RescueNet® Code Review data management software is a free of charge download to ALL ZOLL Customers.

You have used your AED Plus® or AED Pro® on a victim of sudden cardiac arrest and now you want to be able to pass the event data on to the hospital or other authorized medical professional. ZOLL Medical offers software that allows you to do just that. You can easily transfer your data from your AED to a PC or a hand-held PDA.

Code Review captures all clinical defibrillator and vital sign information for quality review and analysis, delivering the complete picture to reviewers. Code Review provides ECG, Vital Sign, and CPR rate and depth of compression for a complete review of the rescue.

  • RescueNet Code Review Standard Edition – This free downloadable software is the basic version of the RescueNet Code Review package. This version allows customers to review the entire resuscitation process, including ECG and CPR feedback. Data collected from the AED Plus and AED Pro can also be merged with EMS data from the ZOLL X Series®, E Series® and AutoPulse for further review.
  • Please visit the Code Review Downloads page for detailed feature information in the latest version of the RescueNet Code Review Getting Started Guide or to download the free standard version in various languages.

Code Review 1

CPR Compressions Showing Rate and Depth

Code Review 2

Magnified ECG Showing Ventricular Fibrillation, and 1st Shock Delivery

Code Review 3

Entire ECG Showing Magnified Area

Code Review 4

Analysis Showing Shock Summary CPR Depth, Rate, Duty Cycle & Overall Quality